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Are you launching energy-tech solutions in AU/NZ?Our local team will derisk your go-to-market strategy and accelerate your growth in the region.

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We specialise in providing technical and commercial local support to energy-tech businesses wanting to grow in Australia and New Zealand.


We get it, expanding into new markets and launching new products isn't easy!

Luckily we've done it before, successfully (after many lessons learnt), and we love seeing our clients kick goals. Let us show you how:


Market Assessment

We do the research required for you to fully understand exactly what the opportunity and barriers are for your product in Australia and NZ


Localised Offering

Real life experience to assess your product specifications, market fit and suggest what needs to be tweaked in order to be successful


Regulation & Compliance

Our team can give you a solid overview and understanding of standards, product certifications, and industry bodies, to ensure that you don’t get caught off guard


Business Strategy

Once we agree on a product, we explore different ways to monetise your solutions, including innovative models, channels and the right pricing structure for the targeted audience


Rapid Growth

Hands on approach with 15 years of experience and proven track record achieving sales growth for highly technical energy solution providers


Local Support

Once your product is out in the market, SOC can provide technical support, product training, coordinate local events and help you grow the local team. You can think of SOC as your local subsidiary in AU/NZ


We are flexible and we focus on delivering value to our customers.We can work closely with your team or independently, depending on the engagement and resources you have available.

Long term partnership


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"Working with State of Charge has been a game-changer for Plexigrid. Their deep understanding of the local energy market and hands-on support was essential for strategic decision-making and successful negotiations, including securing our first project in the region.They've got the skills, the drive, and the smarts to make things happen in the dynamic energy sector"

Matt Brown

Linda-Maria Wadman
Chief Commercial Officer

Smappee logo

"State of Charge has been instrumental in fuelling Smappee's growth in the region as our trusted local partner.
A proactive and commercially driven approach have enabled us to establish the right partnerships and channels across Australia.
Their ability to work independently and dedication to our success has been evident at every step, making them an invaluable asset in expanding our presence.
We're grateful for their partnership and highly recommend State of Charge to any organization seeking to grow in the energy sector."

Alan O'Donnell

Wouter Van Berlamont
Chief Sales Officer

LO3 Energy Logo

"LO3 Energy worked with State of Charge over a one year period to better understand and define opportunities in the Australian market and find new customers for our Pando platform.State of Charge introduced us to new prospective customers and helped us iterate and improve product features to meet client needs.State of Charge was a true ‘on-the-ground’ partner we could rely on and I would strongly recommend their services."

Matt Brown

Matt Brown
VP Corporate Development
LO3 Energy

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"Australia and New Zealand is our first foray into a continent outside of Europe, and we knew we needed boots on the ground to understand the rules, the market and to set up quality long-term partnerships.State of Charge was able to give us a great understanding of this growing market, provide input on improving our products, and be a true partner that we can rely on.I couldn't recommend them highly enough."

Alan O'Donnell

Alan O'Donnell
Technical Director - New Markets


Jaime Robles Profile Photo Round

Jaime Robles

Jaime brings over 15 years of experience working in renewables, including tech startups, team management, contract negotiations, energy policies and project economics.He has worked with Solar, Battery and Inverter OEMs, large commercial installers and software companies optimising the use of Distributed Energy Resources.Jaime holds a Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering from USB and a Masters in Management Technology and Innovation from UNSW.


Electric Mobility

We can help you design and specify the most suitable charging solution to your specific application, from solar optimisation, fleet management and public charging use.Australia is rapidly catching up with the rest of the world and we need innovative solutions and business models to support the transition.

Energy Storage

Big ones, small ones, recycled and new batteries. Australia requires a range of storage solutions across size, chemistry, and strategy to reach our net zero ambitions.SOC have deep real-world experience in developing and launching innovative energy storage products.

Solar Power

Australia has one of the highest solar installation rates in the world, however we still need more and better products to achieve and beat our targets.SOC can help you design PPAs, VPPs and solar products that will give your offering a competitive advantage in a mature and competitive market.

DER Optimisation

The nature and size of the electricity market in Australia and New Zealand makes it an ideal place for innovators to test and scale up their products.SOC have extensive experience in bringing new and innovative software solutions to the market - behind-the-meter and front-of-the-meter.


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Long term partnerships

Our goal is to create a long term relationship with our clients, where we enjoy every day of the journey while we work towards a common goal with sustainable results.While we occasionally do short strategic projects for clients, our aim is always to delivery value so that we keep working together well into the future.

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